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“Energy Work” Psychic Spiritual Oracle Card Reading for Friday, 1.27.17

Today’s #dailyreading from #doreenvirtue #angel #oraclecards!

Of course this is the card for the day!

I’m doing several #energy sessions over the next 7 days, I have one scheduled for me and some for clients!

#energyhealing will help #remove and #reduce #energetic #blockages, helping you move on your #path with a bit more ease! There are a couple of options available for this as well! You could schedule an in-person Reiki session, a distance Reiki or Energy Healing Session, and sometimes massage is considered a form of energy medicine as well! Do whatever draws you in!

If you’d like to discuss a distance session just email me directly at!

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“Eight of Gabriel” Psychic Spiritual Archangel Tarot Card for 1.18.17

Happy Wednesday!

The #dailyreading with the #archangel #tarotcards is the 8 of #Gabriel

If you’ve been in a holding pattern like many of us, today is the day to focus on activity to move your #dreams forward… I know a lack of motivation can be hard, especially when putting forth so much effort to see little results, but I promise you, your angels are working behind the scenes to help you create your highest good… But also keep in mind, that it may not be what you have in plan, so be open to changes or other opportunities opening up for you… (If it helps, release all attachment to the outcome to make this easier for you…) #letgo, #letGod…

If you’ve been wanting to get out there, do it… Believe in your dreams, follow your #divineguidance and hits of #intuition moving you forward…

Know that there is never any mistake. You can’t choose the wrong thing when choosing with your #heart… Everything that happens will either be a learning opportunity or a way to move your #soul further ahead in this lifetime.. The ascension is very real, and we are going to be stepping out of our comfort zones to find our true path…

It is all working out for your #highestgood. #lightworker #doreenvirtue #angels #angelcard #intuitivecounselor

If you’d like to work with me in regards to a Distance Energy Healing, an Intuitive Reading, or a one-on-one coaching call feel free to email me at! Sending you much love and light on this blessed day!

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I’m pulling #Oracle, #Tarot, and #Angel cards this Thursday, 1.19.17 on Facebook!

Happy Tuesday!!! I’m excited to be switching things up!

On Thursday, January 19th simply comment on the Facebook post I have pinned at the top of the page so that I may pull an #angel #oraclecard for you! I’ll post the picture below your comment on Thursday and/or Friday!

If you haven’t been to my Facebook page you can find it here:

If we have enough people request a card then I would like to keep this going on a weekly basis! I won’t read for each person, but I will post the card they received from one of my 3 favorite card decks shown in the picture!

How this works:

-State the intention or the question you have to yourself!
-Comment on the post that you would like a card pulled for you!
-Look at the card and take away the first thing that catches your attention from the card… (It could be a word, or a color, or a part of the picture, or the entire phrase on the card)… That will be your divine guidance to receive! Your interpretation of your individual card is what is right for you, so don’t second guess yourself! You know what you are talking about!

Feel free to share with any and your friends! Sending you lots of light and love on your journey! Email me if you have any questions!!



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“Peace of Mind” Psychic Spiritual Oracle Card Reading for 1.17.17!

Good morning #beautiful #soul!!!

I am recharged after down time #guidedbyspirit and #happy to feel back to normal and out of my frustration of constantly performing tasks that aren’t in my best interest, so here’s to that!

Today’s #oraclecard is #peaceofmind… Everything is #flowing in #divineorder for you so relax! #listen to the messages or hints you #receive, they are leading you in the right direction!

Do you know how to listen to your divine or your higher self? If not, this is what I did first thing this morning: I sat down to meditate and I brought a notebook down with me to sit by the door and listen to the raindrops falling on our deck… Before I started, I set the intention in my mind, to please give me the guidance I was looking for in regards to a particular situation… Then I sat down in silence, and several steps started to come into my mind… Afterwards, I wrote them all down, as they were my divine guidance…

(Please know that claircognizance, or clear knowing, is my best clair, so this may not work for you…) But notice, how do you receive information? Is it a gut feeling? Or a feeling in your heart space such as contraction or opening up in love? Is it seeing something in your mind’s eye? Whatever it is, trust it and know that it is meant to help you!

Now, I will take these action steps, and do what I feel I should do with them throughout the day or the week…. But they are going to move me forward…

If you’d like a reading done for you please go to my website:, my Etsy page: or just email me at! I would be happy to help!

I’m also going to be creating several new options on Etsy this morning and they will be on a tremendous sale, so feel free to check it out! Sending you lots of light and love this week! Have a beautiful day…

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“Worthiness” Psychic Oracle Card Reading for 1.9.17

Good morning loves! It appears as though today we still need to focus on the internal work to allow the energies to continue to shift into 2017… So take a few minutes to be alone, in some quiet space to meditate or listen to some affirmations… We really need to start from the inside, to believe we are worthy! Here is the video for you: YouTube

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“Positive Expectations” Oracle Card for 1.4.2017!!

Happy #January #beautiful #souls!

I pulled 2 #oraclecards for today & they fit together #magically!

The #energy for today shows that whatever we’ve been working on or towards is in process. Even though it is taking longer than expected, #letgoletgod, give your #worries to Him and have #faith.

Don’t forget, we were in a holding pattern in 2016, and the energy is shifting but it still needs some more time (considering it’s only January 4th!) Everything that is happening has a purpose and it has a lesson… If you feel frustrated, feel free to write yourself a note then you can burn it as an indicator that you are releasing it and giving it up to a higher power….

The other card is just a reminder to keep your #positive #expectations, and take one step at a time. It is all fine!! If all you can do is spend 30 minutes a day working towards your goal, then that is enough! Divine timing is in play here, but you won’t be disappointed…

If you’d like a private #psychic reading just email me at or simply go to my Etsy store at

I’m running a #sale through later today since it’s my “official” first day back to work!

#22.22 and #11.11! #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #lightworker #intuitivecoach #intuitive #keepgoing