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How this path led me home…

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I’m switching over to this blog, so I’m bringing along some of my favorites with me! So here goes! I hope it helps you on your path!

Have you ever wondered why you are here? What is your purpose? What is your path? My coach asked me this on Friday so I wanted to bring it into the light. To tell you the truth, I have spent most of my life wondering those very things about my path. I used to wonder why did I get to live? Why did I get to survive? My life didn’t really seem all that spectacular and it didn’t really make sense to me.

Just to give you a quick understanding of what I am talking about, here’s a little background:

I was raised in a very hateful environment, full of negativity and the most horrific psychological abuse I could ever imagine. That particular abuse was rampant and the rest doesn’t matter because the verbal part was the most detrimental to me. I was fed nothing but Diet Coke, McDonald’s (or any other fast food), Quaker granola bars, and packaged crap.

There came a point in my life when I was 17 that I knew I was sick. I even wrote in Religion Class my first week of my senior year that I was most fearful of having Cancer. Who says that at 17 years old???  But I ignored my intuition. I flat out refused to acknowledge it because I didn’t believe I could handle it. (But that is a story for another day). On Friday, September 13th at 4:20 in the afternoon my life changed forever while driving home from school. God must have decided that He’d had enough. He was going to both destroy and save my life all in that same day. I wouldn’t see it like that until many years later, but that’s what He did.

At 4:20 a car accident came that I shouldn’t have survived. An emergency open surgery on my stomach came to show that I had Stage 3, almost Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Disease Cancer. I couldn’t hide it anymore, once my spleen was removed and my neck showed my tumors from all of the anesthetics there was no going back.  Then the X-Rays and Cat-Scans came to show it throughout my chest as well. My whole entire world, the one that I was barely surviving as a seemingly normal person, was turned upside down.

I went through massive amounts of Chemotherapy (which I refused, by the way, but when you’re 17 you don’t get to make those decisions). I then went through Radiation. Obviously, while I don’t believe in these things, at least my body was strong enough to physically survive and for that I am grateful. Once I had made it through all of that I thought I had won. I had finally beat this disease. I would be able to live my life for real, for the first time ever. That was my goal, to walk away and be psychologically and physically free from all of the pain. But that wasn’t really the case.

Those drugs… Those machines… They destroyed my body from the inside out and I’m going to pay for that forever. Now I accept this and I am even grateful for it, but this took an extensive amount of work in my mind.  The years following my treatments, however, had the biggest impact on my life. I dealt with chronic fatigue and I had no immune system. I had a list of rules that I needed to follow, but no teaching on how to survive in my “new” and different body. I didn’t understand the impact of this disease until I had my beautiful daughter. I couldn’t keep up with her. I was too sick to do anything. I had no energy to play or enjoy memories with her…

One day I turned to nutrition information and I was absolutely hooked. A light went off. Everything started to make sense with my body. In 2011 I changed absolutely everything that I had ever known about nutrition. That took a long while, but I ultimately changed my life. I was able to play with my daughter. I had energy to keep up with her. I didn’t get sick for months at a time anymore. I lost 38 extra pounds that I had been carrying. I finally got to have the life that I had dreamed about having after I beat this disease.

Now, finally, I understand…. For the last several years I have been coaching friends on nutrition, eating for health, and to prevent all of these lifestyle diseases that Americans get. I’ve coached on weight loss. I’ve coached on family health and implementing good nutrition for children, who absorb absolutely everything they are exposed to. I coach on stress-reduction techniques, energy healing, intuitively guiding those that I work with to create their best lives possible. I work through exercise plans. I work on calming the mind and self-esteem. Forgiveness. Faith. Love. Letting go. Entrepreneurial Fears. And the list goes on and on and on…  I am a great cheerleader. I am also an accountability partner.

How lucky am I? I got completely thrown for a loop that I never thought I would make it out of… It took me 19 years to make it through and accept it. It took me that long to understand the purpose, appreciate it, and be grateful for my past. It’s made me strong. It’s made me a fighter. It’s taught me what I will and won’t accept in my relationships with anyone and everyone. It taught me how to be a good parent. I have an amazing breadth of knowledge.  I get the opportunity to help other people and teach them that they can live the lives that they were meant to. This is what I am here for.

This is where my path has led me. For that I will forever be grateful. Thanks for reading….

Love and Hugs,



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