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“Spread your Wings” Oracle Card of the day!

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I feel like I’ve been a little bit off the grid, and I apologize for that! It’s holiday time and there’s always lots of things that need taken care of, that’s for certain! But I at least wanted to get a card pulled for today, as late as it is here on the east coast!

Today’s card is “Spread your Wings” with Archangel Ariel… So I am wondering, what has been on your mind? What have your thoughts focused around? What is a goal that you have been thinking about? Today is the day to move forward… Any and every baby step will help you get closer to whatever it is that you desire! It’s a time to step out of your comfort zone. Take that step. Make that phone call. Send that email. Post that video. Whatever it is, you are ready to go and you will have some successful learning throughout the entire experience!!!

It’s funny, because as I was centering and grounding myself before I pulled this card I had a random idea come into my mind, so this is my sign to move forward, no matter how much it pushes me! So the same advice goes to you! Have faith. Believe in miracles. The time is right now!!!

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