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Turmeric Lattes

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Turmeric Lattes are one of my favorite indulgences.  To me, they are associated with reducing stress, perhaps similar to how some people go back to childhood foods to recreate a feeling of love or support when they are stressed. After I have one of my lattes I feel ready to do the things that push me out of my comfort zone. And just so you know, I’ve drank one every single day this week, which means I’ve been doing some really uncomfortable things that will ultimately make me better and help me grow… On the bright side, however, it is a regular visitor in my health arsenal.

Over the last couple of years I have  often suggested Turmeric to multiple friends and clients as a tool in their health journey to reduce inflammation… But please keep in mind, although Turmeric is a natural substance, it is not a good option for everyone. If you want to try it but are unsure please reach out to me or check with your physician before trying this. It shouldn’t be used for pregnant women, people who have gallstones, or those who are susceptible or who have had kidney stones in the past.

Have you ever heard of Osteoarthritis? It’s one of the other health ailments that I have… It’s considered an active joint disease where the loss of cartilage occurs and there is constant inflammation, which obviously, we do not want in our bodies. Osteoarthritis is becoming more and more common in younger generations, which is so interesting to me, as I’ve had it since I was 28. But the studies done on osteoarthritis and the use of Turmeric are amazing. But let’s talk Turmeric

Benefits of Turmeric

*Anti-Inflammatory Superstar – This is why I suggest it the most! According to the book, The China Study, T. Colin Campbell makes it very clear – The unnatural diet of processed foods contribute to low grade systemic inflammation and places our immune system in an overactive state.  Studies on Turmeric has shown that it can be more successful than over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, in particular. I’ve suggested this to friends who have inflammation in their joints or muscles and who could not take over the counter drugs due to side effects.  It is now believed that chronic low grade inflammation is responsible for the majority of Western diseases, such as some cases of heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome or diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other degenerative diseases.

*Antioxidants – Turmeric is a very powerful anti-oxidant (that protects our bodies from free radicals) and it boosts the activity of our body’s anti-oxidant enzymes. So it helps our bodies prevent and recover from every day illnesses such as colds and the flu even faster!

*Can help prevent or possibly even treat Cancer – Obviously there are many types of cancers, and some have shown some benefits of being treated with Turmeric (or technically the curcumin within the Turmeric). Multiple studies have shown that it can inhibit the growth of tumors in test animals and there is some evidence that it can prevent some cancers in the first place, particularly cancers of the digestive systems. That alone, makes it worth it to me.

*May be useful in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease – It is known that inflammation is a major contributor to Alzheimer’s disease and Turmeric has been very clearly shown to have a beneficial effect on that. Whether Turmeric can actually reverse the progression of the disease needs to be studied in more detail.

*Studies show Turmeric can be useful in treating Depression – So in a trial study, a group of 60 individuals were placed into 3 different groups. One group took Prozac, the second group took Turmeric, and the third group took both Prozac and Turmeric. After 6 weeks the group that took the Turmeric only fared as good as the group that took the Prozac. The group that fared the best was the group that took both.

On to my happy recipe… To tell you the truth, you can go grab a Turmeric Root, and peel it, and slice it down, and boil it for 30+ minutes… But that takes more time, and I always walk away with crazy yellow hands after I am done! In my opinion, Turmeric Tea just doesn’t taste as good either. So below is what I use to make it quick and easy! It’s usually done in less than 5 minutes (with the help of my Vitamix)…

My Turmeric Latte Recipe

1/8 – 1/2 teaspoon Organic Ground Turmeric

Up to 1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

I use a touch of dried Rosemary, don’t ask me why, I just do

2 shakes of Black Pepper – This is a necessity, it increases the bio-availability of the curcumin in the turmeric and let’s it do it’s work…

4 ounces of water

4-6 ounces of non-dairy milk (technically you could use all non-dairy milk, I just don’t)

Honey to taste

I literally just pop everything into the Vitamix and start blending away until it is steaming… If you don’t have a Vitamix or other high-powered blender that you can heat things in, you can pop it onto the stove and whisk until dissolved and heated through. Then pop it into you mug and relax!

Please let me know if you make this and how it turned out!



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