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What happens when I fall off track? Tips to get us back on!

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So… It’s been one of those weeks for me… I’ve gotten off tack.

As a coach, I know it happens. And as a coach, I have the opportunity to help lead my clients back to where they want to be… I can hold them accountable. We can set goals. It’s a wonderful and amazing journey, although a very difficult one to keep a hold of. But what do I do when I personally have gotten off track? That’s an easy one and a hard one.  I will sometimes chat with one of my fellow coaches, or more frequently, I’ll coach myself.

My entire week has been rough and I don’t know what led me down this path. My healthy eating has gotten off track, which is not a normal occurrence for me. It has been easier for me to do this because my husband when grocery shopping without me over the last 2 weeks. He brought home lots of items that don’t fit in our lifestyle and don’t fuel our bodies properly. I kept them out of courtesy to him although I wouldn’t speak to him until he went back to the store and brought me some broccoli, spinach, and brussels sprouts. So this morning I went ahead and threw a lot of it away. (I’m just really hoping he perhaps, isn’t going to read this post) So that was my first solution, get rid of the junk again, like I did many years ago.

I’ve lost my focus in my mind this week as well, which has been devastating to me. I noticed that the first thing I thought to myself this morning was negative and that was a HUGE red flag to me. While I’ve discovered that it’s okay to acknowledge thoughts and fears, and thank them for coming, this was something completely different. This was negative and it was directed at me. We have up to 120,000 thoughts going through our mind on any given day! And for most people, the majority of them are negative. We get it from the media. We get it from our friends. Our family. From other women who feel the need to compete against us. From people telling us how we should behave, what we should believe, what we should do with our lives. All of the negativity lowers our energy and takes us off of our path. So when you notice this, it’s time to refocus.

This morning I pulled my oracle card, which told me to open my heart. That was a challenging thing to read, as horrible as I was feeling. So I then sat and did a 10 minute mindfulness meditation before I woke my daughter up for school. I felt better, but not to where I should be feeling… So I then made myself one of my amazing green smoothies, had a handful of Nature’s Path Organic Bran flakes with flax for the omega 3’s, then made a Turmeric Latte. I know, I went a little bit overboard, but I started feeling better already. I grabbed my daughter some of our organic frozen pancakes from over the weekend, strawberries, pomegranate juice, cashew milk, and she was on her way to school.

After I came back in I really had to make myself come and sit down again. I meditate better in the dark, and it’s a pretty dreary day here so that helped. I made myself sit for another 10 minutes, just focusing on the sounds from the road and counting my breaths. When my timer went off, I actually felt much more refreshed, and thankfully focused, and much more positive about the day ahead. I always find it amazing what just sitting in meditation can do for me, and I appreciate it so very much! I know it can be a challenge, it is for me too, to find the time, but I am so grateful to myself for making my needs important.

Next up, I’m going to do some other things to increase my positive thinking, I’m going to force myself to do a workout and slowly try to get back in better shape… (I kind of lost it since I’ve been working so much). But that will make me happier with myself as well. This post is also going to take the place of any journaling I would do this morning. I really felt it was important just to share my day with you today! It’s really not a normal day for me, but I hope this can help someone else!

If you’re off track or off purpose or just feeling crummy: 

1.) Take a few minutes for yourself, doing something to get you in the right frame of mind. What is this for you? 

  • Journal?
  • Meditate?
  • Listen to positive affirmations?
  • Take a longer bath or shower in the morning to clear your mind?
  • Listen to your favorite song?

2.) Eat something healthy that will fuel your body & give you energy. What does it for you? 

  • Are you into smoothies?
  • Smoothie bowls?
  • Homemade oats?
  • Turmeric lattes?
  • Green tea?

3.) Take the time to be grateful… What are you grateful for? Make a list or say it out loud. 

  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here on this day
  • I’m grateful for my ability to spend each morning with my daughter and get her off to school
  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to write this post and potentially help others
  • I’m grateful for having a home to live in
  • I’m grateful for the good quality food we have to eat
  • Keep going until you’re done and I will too!

It’s going to be a good day! How are you going to increase your positivity and let go of any negative thoughts? Feel free to let me know, I would love to hear from you!!


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