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“Positive Expectations” Oracle Card for 1.4.2017!!

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Happy #January #beautiful #souls!

I pulled 2 #oraclecards for today & they fit together #magically!

The #energy for today shows that whatever we’ve been working on or towards is in process. Even though it is taking longer than expected, #letgoletgod, give your #worries to Him and have #faith.

Don’t forget, we were in a holding pattern in 2016, and the energy is shifting but it still needs some more time (considering it’s only January 4th!) Everything that is happening has a purpose and it has a lesson… If you feel frustrated, feel free to write yourself a note then you can burn it as an indicator that you are releasing it and giving it up to a higher power….

The other card is just a reminder to keep your #positive #expectations, and take one step at a time. It is all fine!! If all you can do is spend 30 minutes a day working towards your goal, then that is enough! Divine timing is in play here, but you won’t be disappointed…

If you’d like a private #psychic reading just email me at or simply go to my Etsy store at

I’m running a #sale through later today since it’s my “official” first day back to work!

#22.22 and #11.11! #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #lightworker #intuitivecoach #intuitive #keepgoing


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