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I’m pulling #Oracle, #Tarot, and #Angel cards this Thursday, 1.19.17 on Facebook!

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Happy Tuesday!!! I’m excited to be switching things up!

On Thursday, January 19th simply comment on the Facebook post I have pinned at the top of the page so that I may pull an #angel #oraclecard for you! I’ll post the picture below your comment on Thursday and/or Friday!

If you haven’t been to my Facebook page you can find it here:

If we have enough people request a card then I would like to keep this going on a weekly basis! I won’t read for each person, but I will post the card they received from one of my 3 favorite card decks shown in the picture!

How this works:

-State the intention or the question you have to yourself!
-Comment on the post that you would like a card pulled for you!
-Look at the card and take away the first thing that catches your attention from the card… (It could be a word, or a color, or a part of the picture, or the entire phrase on the card)… That will be your divine guidance to receive! Your interpretation of your individual card is what is right for you, so don’t second guess yourself! You know what you are talking about!

Feel free to share with any and your friends! Sending you lots of light and love on your journey! Email me if you have any questions!!




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