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“Peace of Mind” Psychic Spiritual Oracle Card Reading for 1.17.17!

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Good morning #beautiful #soul!!!

I am recharged after down time #guidedbyspirit and #happy to feel back to normal and out of my frustration of constantly performing tasks that aren’t in my best interest, so here’s to that!

Today’s #oraclecard is #peaceofmind… Everything is #flowing in #divineorder for you so relax! #listen to the messages or hints you #receive, they are leading you in the right direction!

Do you know how to listen to your divine or your higher self? If not, this is what I did first thing this morning: I sat down to meditate and I brought a notebook down with me to sit by the door and listen to the raindrops falling on our deck… Before I started, I set the intention in my mind, to please give me the guidance I was looking for in regards to a particular situation… Then I sat down in silence, and several steps started to come into my mind… Afterwards, I wrote them all down, as they were my divine guidance…

(Please know that claircognizance, or clear knowing, is my best clair, so this may not work for you…) But notice, how do you receive information? Is it a gut feeling? Or a feeling in your heart space such as contraction or opening up in love? Is it seeing something in your mind’s eye? Whatever it is, trust it and know that it is meant to help you!

Now, I will take these action steps, and do what I feel I should do with them throughout the day or the week…. But they are going to move me forward…

If you’d like a reading done for you please go to my website:, my Etsy page: or just email me at! I would be happy to help!

I’m also going to be creating several new options on Etsy this morning and they will be on a tremendous sale, so feel free to check it out! Sending you lots of light and love this week! Have a beautiful day…

#trust #truth #faith #meditate #angels #angelcard #tarotreading #tarot #intuitivecounselor #spirituality #spiritual #lightworker


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