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“Eight of Gabriel” Psychic Spiritual Archangel Tarot Card for 1.18.17

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Happy Wednesday!

The #dailyreading with the #archangel #tarotcards is the 8 of #Gabriel

If you’ve been in a holding pattern like many of us, today is the day to focus on activity to move your #dreams forward… I know a lack of motivation can be hard, especially when putting forth so much effort to see little results, but I promise you, your angels are working behind the scenes to help you create your highest good… But also keep in mind, that it may not be what you have in plan, so be open to changes or other opportunities opening up for you… (If it helps, release all attachment to the outcome to make this easier for you…) #letgo, #letGod…

If you’ve been wanting to get out there, do it… Believe in your dreams, follow your #divineguidance and hits of #intuition moving you forward…

Know that there is never any mistake. You can’t choose the wrong thing when choosing with your #heart… Everything that happens will either be a learning opportunity or a way to move your #soul further ahead in this lifetime.. The ascension is very real, and we are going to be stepping out of our comfort zones to find our true path…

It is all working out for your #highestgood. #lightworker #doreenvirtue #angels #angelcard #intuitivecounselor

If you’d like to work with me in regards to a Distance Energy Healing, an Intuitive Reading, or a one-on-one coaching call feel free to email me at! Sending you much love and light on this blessed day!


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