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“Music for Manifesting” Spiritual Intuitive Oracle Card for Tuesday, 2.28.17

Happy Tuesday loves!

This just boggled my mind when I pulled this card! I literally, just finished writing down my manifestation card and set up my crystal grid for my water minutes ago!!!

What popped in was the help of binaural beats for the music to play while manifesting what we want… Keep in mind, you should play binaural beats with headphones, and you can find plenty of options on YouTube!

Be exact in your first manifestations after the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, as the energies are very high right now!

If you need help with a reading, with energy work, or crystal work feel free to email me at!

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“Angel of Healing” Spiritual Intuitive Oracle Card for Monday, 2.27.17

Good morning beautiful soul!

This is the first oracle card I’ve pulled since my Group Crystal Healing for the New Moon energy over the weekend and I think it’s perfect!

The last several months (or year) has felt very muddled, confusing,  lacking clarity and direction. However, this energy is coming to an end… We have the Angel of Healing supporting us today in the goals for our life, our business, our family, and anything else that we need.

My guidance is to focus on opening and clearing the heart chakra and the solar plexus. Also take some time to meditate, explore your creativity, and find your joy… Manifestation is at an all time high right now, so be clear in your intentions and have faith in the process! We are all being supported right now!

If you need help with energy work or would like a private reading please feel free to reach out to me at!




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New Moon Crystal Healing Session – via Facebook!

TGIF loves!

I feel like I’ve been missing in action over the last several weeks or so, trying to keep up with new clients and some classes I’ve been taking! For that, I do apologize.

I do want to let you know that I am hosting a Group Crystal Healing Session to go along with the energy of the new moon in case you would like to join me! It’s on my facebook page:

I’ll also pop my video in here of what’s going to happen during the session! You don’t need to be present to it! All you need to do is say that you are attending, then I’ll post instructions for you in the group of how to take in the new energy!

New Moon Crystal Healing Overview

Otherwise, I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Sending you lots of light and love!

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“Notice the Signs” Spiritual Oracle Card for Monday, 2.13.17

Good morning Monday!

Today I decided to work with the Daily Guidance Oracle Cards because they are clear cut and to the point… So what messages have you been receiving? Has anything caught your attention and you wondered where it was coming from? Our angels send us signs all the time! I receive mine as numbers, like 333, 222, and 555, with an occasional 1212 or 1010 in there…

So pay attention to any signs you may receive today! The angels want us to know that we are totally supported, unconditionally loved, and we can call on them at any time for help!

I hope your day is off to a great start! I’m running some specials on readings this week for Valentine’s Day, so if you’d like to discuss, feel free to send me an email at!

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February Spiritual Energy Reading!

Good morning beautiful souls!

Yesterday I posted my video oracle card reading for February! Please feel free to check it out below! February is all about forgiveness and having or finding our faith again! Let’s be kind to ourselves and go with the flow… Keep up the work you’ve been doing, it’s working!


If you’d like to schedule a private email reading please just reach out to me!! I have several spots open for tomorrow, 2/9/17, and I’m running a special for the first 5 people that check in with me!

Sending you lots of light and love today!



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“Angel of Miracles” Psychic Spiritual Oracle Card for Wednesday, 2.1.17

Happy Wednesday loves!

Here is our card for today! I always post on Instagram first, then I’ll pop over and share it on this blog if and when I have the opportunity! So if you’re looking for a card in the morning please feel free to follow me there!…

I have had a lot of shifts of energy in my life over the last 7 days, and I mean massive! So I’ve been trying to figure out how to manage everything and let go of fear and stress, so this card was very welcoming for me today!

Open your heart and expect a miracle today! Take joy in the little things! Has anything showed up for you today? I had a really great session this morning that I just returned from! It left my heart open and motivated and happy… I felt hopeful too… So I suppose that was a nice change for me on this day, so far! But I also have an evening meditation to go to, so I’m going to expect more great things!

This is just a reminder, in case you need it! Miracles are all around you and me and all of us! Find joy in your every day experience. Shift your energetic vibration. Smile. Lift someone’s spirits. Be kind. Be of service. Love, laugh, and be your authentic self!

I hope this helps you throughout your day! If you’d like a private reading feel free to email me at! Sending you a lot of light and love today!