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“Angel of Miracles” Psychic Spiritual Oracle Card for Wednesday, 2.1.17

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Happy Wednesday loves!

Here is our card for today! I always post on Instagram first, then I’ll pop over and share it on this blog if and when I have the opportunity! So if you’re looking for a card in the morning please feel free to follow me there!…

I have had a lot of shifts of energy in my life over the last 7 days, and I mean massive! So I’ve been trying to figure out how to manage everything and let go of fear and stress, so this card was very welcoming for me today!

Open your heart and expect a miracle today! Take joy in the little things! Has anything showed up for you today? I had a really great session this morning that I just returned from! It left my heart open and motivated and happy… I felt hopeful too… So I suppose that was a nice change for me on this day, so far! But I also have an evening meditation to go to, so I’m going to expect more great things!

This is just a reminder, in case you need it! Miracles are all around you and me and all of us! Find joy in your every day experience. Shift your energetic vibration. Smile. Lift someone’s spirits. Be kind. Be of service. Love, laugh, and be your authentic self!

I hope this helps you throughout your day! If you’d like a private reading feel free to email me at! Sending you a lot of light and love today!




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