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“Angel of Healing” Spiritual Oracle Card Reading for Tuesday, 3.7.17

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Here is our #dailyreading #oraclecard for today! I’ve seen this card often over the last several weeks!

The #angel of #healing is with us again today for #support.

If you are dealing with sickness, she can come to help and call on #archangel #raphael to help. My daughter has the flu this week, so we’ve been calling on angels often to help her recover sooner rather than later. But don’t get this confused with lack of action…. Because we are also fueling up her body with as many fruits and vegetables as possible, and resting for the last 2 days!

If you are feeling #frustrated or #defeated, she is here to help. How would it feel to let go of the end result that you are seeking, #letgo, and have #faith? Let that #feeling sink in? Let it open up your #heart space, fill you up with #warmth and #freedom

This angel of healing is also bringing in energy work as a solution to whatever may be plaguing you at this very moment. My schedule has been packed, helping people with the mind/body/soul… It all starts from the inside out!

If you need help, please reach out!

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