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“Memories” Spiritual Oracle Card for Wednesday, 3.8.17

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Good morning #beautiful!

Here is our #angelcard #oraclecard #tarotcard for our #dailyreading!

You’re loved ones that have crossed over are stepping forward today to let you know they are here with both you and me… It’s amazing how the Universe works… I woke up in such an upbeat and happy mood, even though we’ve had a struggling week…

But when we are at a higher vibration (helping to get that way with happy thoughts) we can more easily connect with loved ones that have passed over. When your #heart is open, it’s easier to sense and/or feel them… As soon as I pulled this card I could feel my grandfather’s energy step forward and sit with me as I was taking the information in. Today, for example, I am open to forgiveness for him and what he did to my family in this lifetime, however, every day is not like that and he is aware of it… But today, my heart was open so he could step forward and shower me with love and understanding.

For you, notice ANY signs from them.. a pretty #bird hanging outside your window and chirping away at you, a sudden #memory that comes across your mind, a #song that fills you up with them, a smell that is a reminder, a random #feather showing up in your reality… Whatever means something to you!


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