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#InfinityJars to preserve my lemon water! #WorldsBestGlass

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For those of you that have been receiving Energy Work from me over the past several years, there will be times that I tell you that lemon water is a great addition to your daily routine, simply because it allows us to absorb these intense energies a lot more efficiently. And if I haven’t mentioned that to you yet, here it is!

Having a more alkaline body allows us to more efficiently integrate the energy of 2017! Incorporating a more holistic lifestyle, using fewer preservatives and more fruits and vegetables also helps the process!

I’ve been guided to drink lemon water quite a bit over the last 6 months, but to be perfectly honest, it can get a little bit boring at times. That’s where these gorgeous #ultravioletglass bottles come into play for me!

This #InfinityJars bottle is how I start my day every single morning! The high-quality beauty of this bottle simply makes me feel happy and grateful to have such a lovely way to add some fresh and clean tasting water to my morning! It’s an easy way to make you or someone you love feel special and increase their vibration with the #worldsbestglass!

Right now I am using the 1 Liter Round Glass Bottle  and everything they sell is guaranteed to have the following features that I can account for:

  • Airtight seal
  • Ultra-violet filtering
  • Scent-proof
  • Naturally preserve and rejuvenate freshness (my water tastes phenomenal!)


As always, if there is anything I can help you with please feel free to reach out!!

And let me know if you get one of these glass jars or glass cosmetic bottles! They are my absolute favorite and I’ll be telling you more about my other options next week!




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