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“Face your Fears” Spiritual Oracle Card for Wednesday, 4.19.17

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Good morning love!

This is the Oracle Card and Divine Guidance for today! I don’t actually recall ever pulling this card for a daily reading, but it fits perfectly into what is happening right now!

The energy of April has left a lot of people feeling stuck. Anger, frustration, and overwhelm have been some serious issues this month. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all! But with spring, eventually transformation and growth occurs. Just imagine a butterfly… When you are doing all of this inner and outer work on yourself, your relationships, your business, or anything at all, eventually we will see the changes that have occurred. When you might ask? I’m still trying to figure that out, but you’ll know it when the time comes…

One of the major blockages that is showing up today is fear… Fear comes from the mind or the ego part of ourselves. The thing that wants us to stay with what we know, to never change, to keep with the same routine, or the same beliefs, no matter how horrible they make us feel. Because familiar is good to the ego…

So my question to you is: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Is there a change you would make? Is there a class you would take? Would you shift your business to closer meet the needs of your heart? Would you travel or take a trip? Would you let go of a relationship that isn’t serving you? What would you do?!?

Sit on that thought. Meditate on it. Journal on it. Whatever feels right to you… Acknowledge that fear. Thank it for being here to teach you something. Give it a seat at your “table”. Then ask it to leave. Imagine it dissipating into the air above, going wherever it is needed… As you no longer need it… Then determine what is one step you could take towards one thing you would do if you weren’t afraid… Keep moving in that direction. Your Divine, your Angels, and God/Source will always lead you towards the ultimate goal of your Soul…

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Light and Love,










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