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My Conversations with God…

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I’m going to preface this with my attention has been taken… I have been in the process of shifting and changing… It started with the ascension process, but it’s taken a REALLY unexpected shift. If you know me at all, you will be absolutely baffled by this, exactly like my husband! Let me explain…

As a Spiritual Teacher, an Angel Intuitive, and an Energy Healer, I believe or believed in the concept of “Source Energy”…. People can call it God, or the Universe, or Spirit, or whatever in the world they want to… It made no difference to me, it was all the exact same energy…. However, I rarely used the word “God”. I don’t like to fit into a mold. I like to be different, in nearly all ways possible… I hate to follow the normal conventional rules that man has created for us. I question everything, and I can usually find a more effective way to do something. It just doesn’t fit into the normal of anything in society… It is what it is, and I enjoy that!

When I was a child I was raised in an absolutely terrifying and heart breaking environment. To me, there was no God, no Source Energy, and no Angels or Spiritual Helpers to help me. Atheist would have been a good word to describe it. And I know where that came from:

1.)    I know that I was killed for spiritual teachings and/or religious persecution in past lives… (I was also a nun in at least one of my past lives). That has made me very hesitant to do this work, even though logically I know that it is completely okay.

     2.)    My biological mother had gone through a lot of things as a child and that played a role in her mindset… I understand that. It’s hard to trust or see God when horrible things happen to us and we can’t understand or see the reasoning behind it…

So switching me over this past month has basically been like this huge wonk on the head, kind of like you see in a video game… If Spirit, Source, or God wants to get my attention you have to make it HUGE… Then I may or may not give in. It just depends on the day!

Several weeks ago my husband and I took a trip for our daughter. I swear, everywhere I went I saw something related to God… I saw the 10 Commandments on billboards on the expressway. I saw a truck custom painted with Jesus on the cross covering the entire thing. I saw a license plate that I swear said “God is Good” on it, even though it didn’t… I should have taken a picture but the license plate was more like EGE 6626GDD… I mean, NOT EVEN CLOSE to what I saw!!!!

I went through a process of feeling like I was trying to be broken… And from my experience, I don’t break very well, I fight. The only way I survived some of the beginning of my life was by not being broken. I don’t like it. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me angry. It pisses me off that He would want to break me down. I get it, right? So I can be built back up. I still argued the hell out of it.

You should really hear the conversations I had with spirit, Angels, God in my mind… They weren’t very pleasant. I was sitting in the car, riding back from our trip, just having a field day with all of this stuff… When I finally quit arguing and I asked the question: what is the purpose of this? I received a very clear answer, and it meant so much to me, that I finally let my guard down and am wading through the process.

“You can reach more people by believing and speaking of me,  Jesus Christ, along with our beloved Angels. There are many that resonate with me, and they will therefore, resonate with you. You will reach more. The world needs more lightness. There is enough darkness. You know that you are only drawn to bringing in the light, no matter what the situation is. You will always find the light, no matter how hard it seems. You can do this through calling upon me. Trust me like you unknowingly did as a child. Everything will be okay.”

I also forgot to mention, about a month ago a friend of mine was going to a “group” at a local church… It was advised to me to possibly go, so I signed up for it, not thinking much about it… I know that this was ALL done on purpose. I didn’t think much about it, but when I got there I learned it was a Bible Study Group! Ha ha, it DID NOT even occur to me that was what it was! My husband was like – what are you doing? You didn’t know?!? Why no, I did not know! That’s where my common sense was on that day! If I would have realized what it was, I probably wouldn’t have gone.

But today, and every day since then, I’ve been faithfully reading the book that came with the course, I downloaded a Bible App on my phone to read the relevant scripture. It’s out of my comfort zone, of course, but hey, I always jump head first into anything I need to do (when I have the right guidance)… So that conversation with God really resonated with me. It did exactly what it needed to do… It’s not perfect, it’s still a process for me, and I trust and accept that.

If it turns anyone off, for that I do apologize and I do understand. We all have our different belief systems, and I wish you the best on your journey! The world would be way too boring if we were all the same!

So I’m sending you lots of blessings! Wishing you the best and thank-you for reading today! If you need any help with intuitive counseling, energy work, or angelic guidance feel free to reach out to me!


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