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Angelic Reiki Energy Healing Sale through Wednesday, 5.31.17

Angelic Reiki Session - General - Chakras

For those of you that I haven’t spoken with on Facebook, I wanted to let you know that I am running an AMAZING sale through Wednesday, 5/31/17 in honor of the energy healing work and the Angelic Reiki that I now do… I have my healing room in place, filled with Angelic Energy from using this healing technique every single day of my life – on myself, my daughter, and my clients…

I wanted to make another announcement on the offer… Normally, Angelic Reiki all on it’s own runs about $125.00 elsewhere… I am the ONLY person in Ohio or surrounding area that is trained and attuned to this technique! My energy sessions run around $75.00 a session right now…

I have been guided (and I have been doing this for the last 2 weeks) to run a MEGA-SALE on all Angelic Energy Healing Sessions! Most of the world needs healing of some sort, whether it is mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical… Old beliefs, things that are holding us back, old stories we need to let go of, Angelic Energy Healing can cover it all…

Over the past 2 weeks I have combined Angelic Reiki with my other form of Angelic Energy Healing, so it’s like getting both in one session and it has been making a HUGE impact…

So if you are interested in my sale price through tomorrow only (I will never run this large of a sale every again), just email me at or message me on Facebook: and I will get back to you immediately!

The rules of engagement on this sale are as follows:

General Angelic Reiki Energy Healing Session

  • Each session is an individual healing session that has been taking approximately 45 minutes or so, depending on the divine guidance and information I receive


  • You may purchase as many reduced price healing sessions as you would like but they all need to be completed by August 15th, 2017.  (A series of 3 or 4 would be the most beneficial)


  • All sessions may be done via the phone (US only), via skype (International Calls), or in-person (in my Healing Space in Wayne County, Ohio off of I-71)


  • You may add on an Intuitive Reading with these sessions, or simply wait to see what comes through for you… I have had some clients receive intuitive guidance while receiving their healing session, but a reading is not guaranteed or included in this session.


  • Through tomorrow at 3:00pm EST only, you may purchase as many sessions as you think will help you for $45.00 a piece

I have utilized these sessions with success in the following situations:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Self-Confidence
  3. Self-Belief
  4. Balance in making time for a spiritual practice
  5. Receiving – good, money, abundance in all forms
  6. Healing of a Spiritual/Health Coaching Business
  7. Clarity in life purpose/job focus
  8. Clearing of the Crown and Third Eye Chakra to help improve intuitive/spiritual skills
  9. Belief in self, worthiness, etc…
  10. Stopping doubt of one’s self
  11. Helping to heal poor eating habits
  12. Helping to get exercise back on track
  13. Helping to open up one’s ability to speak for themselves with kindness
  14. Helping with self-doubt
  15. Forgiveness of self and of others
  16. Finding faith and motivation rather than focusing on fear
  17. Clearing out the heart chakra to make more decisions based out of love
  18. Finding peace and calm in a crazy world
  19. Opening up the Solar Plexus chakra for more self-belief
  20. Healing perceptions on relationships with family and friends


Angelic Reiki Session - Past Life - Blue

Now, on to the sale for multi-dimensional past life healing Angelic Reiki Sessions… These can be used for anyone that feels they have some past life issues that need to be turned around, and honestly, even for those who don’t… I do A LOT of past life work, and it is something that I am really exceptional and connected with…

So if you have something that you’ve brought with you from a past life… Isolation from being a nun, cast aside by others, fear and humiliation from something that happened in the past, a fear of being in the ocean or water from drowning, a need to be loud and stand up for your beliefs that are hurting your relationships due to being in a war, being killed for spiritual practices that are creating a struggle in your life right now (authenticity), a lack of tolerance for certain types of people due to a past life, poor relationships with men due to something that happened to you in the past, whatever it may be… Angelic Reiki can help with all of that.. I have seen it happen with some of my clients and I have seen the miracle of watching it help on myself…

Past life work is really challenging on my physical body, but you receive a GREAT amount of healing from this service as well! Because of that, I offer the same type of service as explained up above. I would recommend 2 – 4 sessions for past life work as well…

Through tomorrow at 3:00pm EST, I am offering these sessions for $75.00 a piece instead of $125.00, so that’s a $50.00 savings… You can’t beat that and you’ll NEVER see that price again, that I will promise you! The rules of engagement on this sale are the same as listed up above!

Email me at or message me on Facebook at to make payment arrangements and get your first session scheduled!

The entire world needs healing, bit by bit, day by day. By focusing on your own personal growth, spiritual growth, and holistic healing, we lighten the load of the planet. We lighten the energy of those that surround us. By starting to heal ourselves, we may also help to heal the ones we love…


Light and Love,



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Oracle Cards for Divine Spiritual Guidance on Friday, 5.26.17

TGIF loves!

Like I may have mentioned, I’m doing all of my Angel Work from my newest healing space and the energy has become so amazing! I pulled from a variety of decks today, and here’s what we have…

1.) With the New Moon energy coming into play for a lot of people, it is said that we need to acknowledge our feelings of sensitivity.. Perhaps spend some time alone. Perform some much needed self-care… Yoga, sea salt baths, fresh fruits and veggies, energy healing (angelic reiki, preferably), massage, meditation, walking in nature, you know what I mean… Be patient and compassionate with others that may not realize what is happening at their level of awareness… It will all be okay, just treat yourself like you would your best friend. Or your daughter or son… Be kind and gentle with yourself. Take it easy…

2.) It was also stated that it could do you good by hanging out by bodies of water if you are able… If not, again, hop in a sea salt bath… That will help to clear any negative energies from your body… Lastly, if you’re in yucky rainy weather like I am, I would find some nature sounds of water to play during the day today… (I have a great free app that I use called “Nature Sounds -by Relaxio-” that I have playing on my phone as I am writing… Even if some of us can’t be near the water, the sound of water will help us to shift our vibration and stay in a calm and relaxed state!

3.) The Archangel Uriel card popped in today as well… He states that we know what we need to do… This one isn’t resonating with me personally, but perhaps it will with you! If you get the feeling that you do know what you need to do, just take one tiny step in that direction, as often as you can…

I’m going to do an Angelic Reiki healing session for myself in just a bit, so I’ll call on Uriel to give me some guidance… I have a lot of things up in the air, and honestly, I just don’t know what to do… Perhaps the energy today will help!

I’ve been doing a lot of Angelic Reiki distance sessions, so if you feel it would benefit you, please reach out!

Light and Love!



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Angelic Reiki for healthier eating and working out!

So…. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to write so often…

I’ve been utilizing Angelic Reiki on myself and my clients on a daily basis for the last several weeks… Yesterday and today I decided to switch my intention up.

You see, I’ve been having issues since November 2016. With the intense energy shifts and my vibration getting increasingly lighter, it’s been a really rough road for me… I’ve been feeling terrible and releasing a lot of denser energy that simply doesn’t suit me any longer. Due to these shifts I’ve been unable to work out and I’ve lost a massive amount of strength and flexibility..

Oh, let me mention that because I’ve been working on healing so very much and working with Angelic Energy, it’s made my appetite completely different… Once a vegetarian, I have really been feeling the need for extremely salty foods and animal proteins. That isn’t the best for my physical body, but I’ve been wanting it 2 times a day, while I have been eating an animal product approximately once per day for the last year or two…

So I decided to start working on healing those two issues together. Since the healing is so light and gentle, I have done 2 sessions on these, working together…. I noticed a shift right away and I am so happy!

Soon, I started out slowly… I am working on putting my walking back into place, and I’ve been happily consistent with that, averaging 35 – 45 minutes per day… I’m also slowly adding yoga back into place to start to get my strength back, and then I’ll continue to progress back to what I used to do.

My eating has shifted a tiny bit, but it hasn’t been quite as noticeable yet… I’m not worried though, some things take awhile to notice… But today I didn’t go for my salty mid-morning snack, so it’s a step in the right direction! Yesterday I FINALLY had the motivation to make my chick-peas, which I haven’t done in weeks… I know that I need to clean my eating back up, to be able to keep my energy up to the correct vibration and allow me to communicate with the divine/angels/ascended masters, etc…

If you need any help or would like to schedule a healing either distantly, or in-person, just send me an email. I would be so happy to help!!

Sending you lots of light and love today!


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Benefits of Angelic Reiki and how it is helping me!

Hi loves! I had some spare time in between client sessions today so I wanted to write another blog about Angelic Reiki!

I am wondering if you have been feeling the crazy energies that have been coming through over the last week? I had a conversation with an Angelic Reiki practitioner this morning, and erratic was the best way we could describe it…

The energy has been intense. It’s been tough to sustain myself through it… There have been terrible days of feeling like I didn’t know why I was here or how I was helping, to having decent days when I felt okay and somewhat normal, but with less energy.

I took these feelings on by performing self-healing Angelic Reiki on myself. Today it feels like such a blessing to have this tool, to allow my mind to calm down and feel somewhat normal… There are hundreds of things we can work on at any given time, and some things need continued healing over months at a time… Every day I felt like my world was falling apart, I called in my Angel and asked her to heal whatever was plaguing me for that day. Some days were short healings, others were longer. Some I felt better right away, others it took more effort for the issues to start to ease… But I acknowledge everything as a learning experience and tried to take away from my feelings what I was meant to know and learn..

This really seems to fit for the lightworkers, the healers, the intuitives, and the empaths out there… We can feel things so much more deeply that sometimes it can be a struggle.. Or if you can feel the shifts in energy, or the density of the energy in a specific location, that can make it tough… We are all collectively going through an ascension process in the world, at our current level… I know from experience that it can take a bit to acclimate to the current energy, which is different than most that I am surrounded with, and that can leave me feeling very alone… So Angelic Reiki helps ease that issue too…

If I am lacking confidence in something, or need to open my heart or forgive someone or something to help my vibration, I do Angelic Reiki. It is such a soft and gentle technique that I can never go wrong with it… I have been doing 3 a week on myself over the past 2 weeks and it has made a world of difference in my life… I still have many more and I really should make a list of the things that I want to focus on and heal. Like I’ve said before, it can be used to help with anything spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical. The options are endless. It honestly just has to be something you want to work on yourself, not something someone else thinks you need…

Through the end of May I am offering specials on Distance Services. This means we would chat through Facebook Messenger or via email before and directly after your session… I would also write down all of the Archangels or Ascended Masters that came through for you, what parts of the body light was sent to from the Angels, and any colors and messages that were given to you! You would just need to find a comfortable location to be present in, and either sit or lay down with your eyes closed…

If you feel this is something that could help, simply reach out to me. My email is… It would be an honor to help people over these next several days! The benefits are immense and totally worth it!


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“Be Strong & Resilience” Spiritual Oracle Card Guidance for 5.15.17

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my cards on the blog! (I’m a bit more active on Instagram!)

These are our #oraclecards for a #dailyreading.. The #divine #message is the same on both!

Keep your head up, keep your #intentions high, work out of the #heart, with #kindness and #compassion (especially for yourself)… Feels like things may still be moving slowly, so this is the time to remind yourself of the #strength and #resilience you embody.

The #goal remains the same in your mind, strive for the #best within your heart. It will #guide you… allow yourself to #feel any #emotions, #acknowledge them, then ask them to dissipate…

We are STRONG! #cacr #doreenvirtue #spirituality #spiritual #goddess #sekhmet #strength #intuitivecounselor #angelicreiki #angelcards #tarot

I have been doing Angelic Reiki self-healing over the last week on myself to help deal with these energies that are coming through! If you’d like to talk about a session feel free to email me at!

Sending you lots of light and love!!!

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Insights on Angelic Reiki!!!

For those of you that don’t know, I took a trip of a lifetime last week. I have been guided to learn Angelic Reiki for the last year, and my angels finally made that happen for me, as terrifying as it may have been… Levels 1 and 2 have been completed and I have had an amazing time connecting more easily to the angelic energy that I am now attuned to!

Angelic Reiki was channeled through Kevin Core by Archangel Metatron as an energy healing technique for anyone on Earth that needs support. Every healing is perfect in every way, being extremely gentle and loving in it’s transmission. It reaches down to the core or the cause of the issue and works lightly and gently until it is resolved.

This helps to heal any physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or past life issues that may be present in your current life… Which simply equals out to AMAZING… I am still understanding how it works through practice on myself, but I promise you that it can be intense or feel like nothing at all! I never know what is going to happen each and every time, but I know that it is divinely guided and perfect for whatever any client needs!

Angelic Reiki can be done a variety of ways… It can be done in-person with me or with whichever practitioner you choose. (Please note — Angel Reiki is not Angelic Reiki, so be sure to ask questions if you need to!)  I have a healing space being set up over the next month and I will happily take in-person clients from the surrounding area. It can be done over the telephone, which is actually how I provide healing for the majority of my clients across the country! This works just as well! Lastly, it can be done completely virtually, where I connect to the energy and ask the angels to deliver to you at the best time, most often once you go to sleep at night!

In a general session, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, or even Galactic Healers can come in to help with the session if you so choose. You can have me ask for specific names that you resonate with (Archangel Raphael, Jesus, Saint Germain, Goddess Isis, etc…), or you can leave it open to the “universe” to determine what is most beneficial for you! Anything is possible here!

I am so honored to be able to provide this healing service to you! Should you wish to set up a call to learn more or discuss your intentions please feel free to reach out to me via email: or send me a message on Facebook!

Sending you lots of light and love my friends!


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Check out Aroma Foundry Oils!

Aroma Foundry was kind enough to give me 4 bottles of essential oils to provide honest feedback on their product! I was happy to oblige and all opinions are my own!


I have been making “Crystal Oil” blends with energetic intentions for some of my clients over the last several months. I am happy to add these oils to my list of regular choices!

What makes these oils and this company special?

  • You’ll never find anything synthetic in any of their oils. Everything is pure and natural!


  • They are extremely transparent about where their oils come from. They utilize oils from areas in which the best crops are grown for each one.

o   The Lemon Oil was responsibly sourced here in the USA.

o   Basil Oil was responsibly sourced in Vietnam.

o   Bergamot Oil came from the Netherlands.

o   Patchouli Oil came from Indonesia.


  • They bottle their oils in California and make them in small batches, testing each for quality and numbering each batch individually.


  • The pricing of these oils are totally okay in my book. I don’t like to pay over $25.00 for a bottle of oil, so they are right in my price range!


  • The shipping ROCKS! Wow! They charge $5.00 for shipping per order, and shipping is free on orders over $75.00! You can’t get better than that!


  • The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and it encapsulates the feeling of “all natural” and back to nature, which totally brings happiness to me.


  • The bottles are that beautiful dark color, shielding them from the light. Everything Aroma Foundry stand for shows in what they do, which I can appreciate it!

oils and boxes


I requested the Bergamot Oil for specific energetic reasons

  • It helps to lift my mood, which therefore, improves my energetic vibration.
  • It helps me relieve my fatigue from not sleeping well! I use it in the early afternoon when I get that downward spiral of energy…
  • It helps me to improve my mental alertness!


I use the Lemon Oil with similar effects to the previous oil

  • It increases my mood, bringing in the feeling of fun and warmth
  • It helps with mental fatigue and alertness, helping me to feel that much more efficient!
  • It enhances my energy, allowing me to get more done!


I use the Basil Oil for other reasons

  • It actually helps me with motion sickness in the car (while riding with my husband)
  • It can help calm down feelings of stress or anxiety by simply diffusing it in the area you are in!
  • It can help with respiratory health (by diffusing it as well)!
  • I also use it in my proprietary crystal blend for clients with amazing results!


The Patchouli Oil can work carefully on its own or blended to make another perfect aroma

  • It is a calming, relaxing, and peaceful oil
  • It can help to increase your vibration, allowing you to feel more serenity and peace
  • You can use it to make a deodorant, but I have not tried that yet! (If you try it, let me know how it works out!)


(Obviously, please follow the instructions on the box and use with a carrier oil or contact an expert before moving forward with anything you are unsure of!)

If there is anything I can help you with to improve or reducing stress and blockages within your energy field, please reach out to me at or go to!


Lastly, Aroma Foundry is allowing me to do a $25.00 gift card to one reader!  

Simply like, share, and comment on this post (as many times as you would like for an additional entry each time) and one person will be chosen to receive the gift card code to shop within the next 10 days!