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Aroma Foundry was kind enough to give me 4 bottles of essential oils to provide honest feedback on their product! I was happy to oblige and all opinions are my own!


I have been making “Crystal Oil” blends with energetic intentions for some of my clients over the last several months. I am happy to add these oils to my list of regular choices!

What makes these oils and this company special?

  • You’ll never find anything synthetic in any of their oils. Everything is pure and natural!


  • They are extremely transparent about where their oils come from. They utilize oils from areas in which the best crops are grown for each one.

o   The Lemon Oil was responsibly sourced here in the USA.

o   Basil Oil was responsibly sourced in Vietnam.

o   Bergamot Oil came from the Netherlands.

o   Patchouli Oil came from Indonesia.


  • They bottle their oils in California and make them in small batches, testing each for quality and numbering each batch individually.


  • The pricing of these oils are totally okay in my book. I don’t like to pay over $25.00 for a bottle of oil, so they are right in my price range!


  • The shipping ROCKS! Wow! They charge $5.00 for shipping per order, and shipping is free on orders over $75.00! You can’t get better than that!


  • The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and it encapsulates the feeling of “all natural” and back to nature, which totally brings happiness to me.


  • The bottles are that beautiful dark color, shielding them from the light. Everything Aroma Foundry stand for shows in what they do, which I can appreciate it!

oils and boxes


I requested the Bergamot Oil for specific energetic reasons

  • It helps to lift my mood, which therefore, improves my energetic vibration.
  • It helps me relieve my fatigue from not sleeping well! I use it in the early afternoon when I get that downward spiral of energy…
  • It helps me to improve my mental alertness!


I use the Lemon Oil with similar effects to the previous oil

  • It increases my mood, bringing in the feeling of fun and warmth
  • It helps with mental fatigue and alertness, helping me to feel that much more efficient!
  • It enhances my energy, allowing me to get more done!


I use the Basil Oil for other reasons

  • It actually helps me with motion sickness in the car (while riding with my husband)
  • It can help calm down feelings of stress or anxiety by simply diffusing it in the area you are in!
  • It can help with respiratory health (by diffusing it as well)!
  • I also use it in my proprietary crystal blend for clients with amazing results!


The Patchouli Oil can work carefully on its own or blended to make another perfect aroma

  • It is a calming, relaxing, and peaceful oil
  • It can help to increase your vibration, allowing you to feel more serenity and peace
  • You can use it to make a deodorant, but I have not tried that yet! (If you try it, let me know how it works out!)


(Obviously, please follow the instructions on the box and use with a carrier oil or contact an expert before moving forward with anything you are unsure of!)

If there is anything I can help you with to improve or reducing stress and blockages within your energy field, please reach out to me at or go to!


Lastly, Aroma Foundry is allowing me to do a $25.00 gift card to one reader!  

Simply like, share, and comment on this post (as many times as you would like for an additional entry each time) and one person will be chosen to receive the gift card code to shop within the next 10 days!


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