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Angelic Reiki for healthier eating and working out!

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So…. I can’t remember the last time I wanted to write so often…

I’ve been utilizing Angelic Reiki on myself and my clients on a daily basis for the last several weeks… Yesterday and today I decided to switch my intention up.

You see, I’ve been having issues since November 2016. With the intense energy shifts and my vibration getting increasingly lighter, it’s been a really rough road for me… I’ve been feeling terrible and releasing a lot of denser energy that simply doesn’t suit me any longer. Due to these shifts I’ve been unable to work out and I’ve lost a massive amount of strength and flexibility..

Oh, let me mention that because I’ve been working on healing so very much and working with Angelic Energy, it’s made my appetite completely different… Once a vegetarian, I have really been feeling the need for extremely salty foods and animal proteins. That isn’t the best for my physical body, but I’ve been wanting it 2 times a day, while I have been eating an animal product approximately once per day for the last year or two…

So I decided to start working on healing those two issues together. Since the healing is so light and gentle, I have done 2 sessions on these, working together…. I noticed a shift right away and I am so happy!

Soon, I started out slowly… I am working on putting my walking back into place, and I’ve been happily consistent with that, averaging 35 – 45 minutes per day… I’m also slowly adding yoga back into place to start to get my strength back, and then I’ll continue to progress back to what I used to do.

My eating has shifted a tiny bit, but it hasn’t been quite as noticeable yet… I’m not worried though, some things take awhile to notice… But today I didn’t go for my salty mid-morning snack, so it’s a step in the right direction! Yesterday I FINALLY had the motivation to make my chick-peas, which I haven’t done in weeks… I know that I need to clean my eating back up, to be able to keep my energy up to the correct vibration and allow me to communicate with the divine/angels/ascended masters, etc…

If you need any help or would like to schedule a healing either distantly, or in-person, just send me an email. I would be so happy to help!!

Sending you lots of light and love today!



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