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Angelic Reiki Sale to clear the energy of 2017!!! Buy 3, get 1 free!

So…. As I was doing a workout this morning my Spirit Guides and Angels came through to me, as they often do when I am asking how else I can serve today?!?

This is what came through…

The old energies that are within our mind, body, and soul desperately need to be released… I’ve been doing A LOT of clearing of old and stagnant energies on so many people, as well as cutting cords to things that are no longer serving us….

We are all growing, shifting, and ascending at a rate that is perfect for each and every one of us. It is shown to me, that we are each going through something at a soul level that really cannot make sense to any other person. It’s only when I tune in to your energy I can briefly understand what is going on beneath the surface. The guidance has been to clear as much as possible, at a very deep level, which is where the buy 3, get one free comes in…

When we work in a very short period of time, for example, every other week; we allow ourselves to continue to peel back the layers and go deeper and deeper into the healing process. When we wait 6 months in between sessions, really all we are doing is clearing the old energy from our systems… But regular clearing is what feels like is needed right now, to REALLY get down deep for transmutation, protection, and the ascension process…

Now what I was also told, was that you could gift one of your sessions to someone that would be interested in the service and whom you could feel would benefit. So this could be a close friend, or family member, or anyone that comes to mind… Now, keep in mind, they would need to agree that they want it done because of free-will choice, but that is also an option for you!

I am available 2 nights a week, 1 early morning a week (distance sessions only because I can’t look presentable that early) as well as some Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings and evenings! I do have a lot of flexibility in my scheduling at the current time.

I’m offering up this sale starting immediately, and going through Saturday, November 18th it will expire!

Email me at, message me on Facebook, or call or text me at 330.304.6332! I look forward to getting you set up!!salegoldglitterpic


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November Ascension Energies & Spiritual Guidance

Hi loves!

It’s been FOREVER and I just wanted to check in really quickly! How are you doing? How have you been feeling with the energies these days? If you’ve been following me on Facebook  or if we’re personally connected, you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit more quiet than normal… Ever since the Solar Eclipse I’ve been simply trying to maintain my energy at a reasonable level.

With the intensity of this Full Moon we had last weekend, it’s been difficult… Some days have been okay, some have been terrible, and I’m trying to survive the storm. Honestly, the only thing that really makes me light up these days is working with others to battle their own personal issues and healing.

I’ve seen this in myself and in my daughter. We are sooo much more willing to help with the healing of others, than spend any time on ourselves… Why is that, I  have been asking myself?

Well, for me, I know it’s because this is what I’ve come here to do in this lifetime. Doing energy work and spiritual readings is what my soul lives for, and my experience doing this work makes me so grateful, and that puts me in a great energetic state. I’ve done over 17 healing and reading sessions over the last 2 weeks, so know that if you feel like you need some help, you are certainly not alone…

November energies are intense, so hold on to your hats. It feels like everything I know is being ripped away from me, to let go of the things that are no longer good for my energy, and to allow for new and better things to come through. So do your best to simply allow and ask for the greatest good for all.

Because of these energies, I have also been guided to create a new reading. This is for anyone looking for guidance from everyone on their spiritual team. Their angels, ascended masters, their higher self, etc… The energy of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Holy Spirit,  they’re all coming through in this session… So anyways, if you need some guidance just head over to my Etsy store – it’s on sale now through the ascension gateway of 11/11!

Reach out if you need any help through these energies as well! I have a sale on all Angelic Reiki sessions completed on Friday, Sunday, and Monday!

Light and Love,


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5 Reasons People Don’t Always Heal from Energy Work

I realize this can be an awkward and frustrating topic to discuss, but I have been drawn to bring it into the light… As an Energy Healer, I do want everyone to go through the healing process with flying colors. However, that does not always happen. As I’ve been studying, researching, and working over the last several years I have come to several conclusions.

If the physical body is a representation of what is going on inside of us – the emotional, mental, and spiritual body, then true and complete healing will come from focusing on all levels within the body and getting down to the cellular level of the issue. The issues, beliefs, and struggles we have can sometimes be with us throughout many different lifetimes, on many different levels. So if we only try to treat one part of the issue, for example, the physical aspect of it, then the issue will show up in another aspect of one’s life.
1.) Sometimes a person does not want to actually heal. There is some subconscious belief that prevents this from happening, and often times, it is hard to catch or realize. I have seen some people complete the treatments, but not actually have the desire to complete the work outside of the sessions. They have lost their spark, or their will, and no longer have the motivation to do the deep internal work that helps progress people further.

At other times, a person may be benefiting in some way, to having this issue. He or she may receive a lot of attention from their issue. Financial assistance or help from family members and friends may come into play, making them feel loved (sometimes for the first time ever).

2.) Sometimes a person lacks the self-love needed to heal. Self-love (and forgiveness) is a tricky issue to tackle… More often than not, people believe that they love themselves and they talk themselves into it, therefore, trying to talk their healer into believing it. They can believe it in their mind, without a doubt, yet after some communication I can feel when they do not. Having the willingness to heal is the ultimate act of self-love. However, the healing process entails clients to also take responsibility for other aspects of their healing. Pay attention to the thousands of thoughts that go through your mind on any given day. If you reject yourself, talk poorly about yourself, or put everyone else’s needs above your own you may not be able to hold and retain the healing energy given to you by Source and the Angelic Realm.

3.) Sometimes a person has not completed the learning necessary for a healing to actually heal. Some situations like cancer, mental disease, or other conditions happen to teach a karmic lesson to the patient and/or their family members. Some examples of lessons that often need to be learned are love, forgiveness, patience, acceptance, etc… Like I’ve said in all of these, the client also has work to do to help the healing process. Until the issue is exposed, realized, and learned, the healing will be delayed.

4.) Sometimes a person has strayed away from their life path and what they came here to do… We all have lessons here to learn. When we walk away from learning these lessons and walk away from what we ultimately came here to do, sometimes disease and mental/emotional issues will arise to get us back on track. I realize it sounds like cruel and unusual punishment, especially since most of us are not “in tune” enough to realize our life purpose. However, like I said before, absolutely everything is a lesson to get us back on track… I had Stage 3 Cancer 20+ years ago… I have been cancer free since my treatments were completed. Every few years, I was led into another direction for healing… I keep stepping forward, as I tune into my guidance, and learn and grow over time. Cancer took the life that I hated, and helped to get my focus back.

5.) Sometimes a person can be poisoning their own energy field with their belief systems. Jealousy, envy, anger, manipulation, and power are some of the beliefs that I have seen poison a person’s energy field. A lot of these feelings and beliefs can be hidden very far within the cellular memory of a person. This is where a combination of energy work and external reading and recreating psychological beliefs is needed to actually heal. A person needs to take on the feelings of empathy, forgiveness, love, gratitude, and more to actually allow themselves to heal with the help of a healer.

Obviously, there are plenty of more reasons behind why someone may not heal and there are many different energetic healing methods available! In fact, I feel that there are too many to count! I utilize up to 3 different methods any time I am working with an individual, based on what he or she needs. My suggestion would be to find the healer that intuitively feels the best to you. Trust your judgement, trust your guidance, and move forward with the utmost faith!

If you have any questions or need help please reach out to me at

Also, feel free to check out my website at and follow me on Facebook to receive information about my weekly specials that I run as I am guided to by spirit! (I’m running an awesome special today, June 21, 2017 only!)

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“Illusion” Spiritual Oracle Card – 6.17.17

Happy Saturday loves!

Here is our divine guidance and oracle card of the day… The card is “Illusion” and is guiding us to embrace the truth. When you see this card, what first comes to mind? That question will connect you to your intuition and it’s up to you to trust it, whether it makes sense or not! Have faith and trust!

Is there something you know, deep down inside, yet you are still fighting it and not letting it come to the surface? This card feels very “stuck’ right now and it is a dense, lower energy, so it’s definitely not one of my favorite feelings!

The guidance we have is to sit for a few moments and simply allow it to flow to the surface… If it’s painful, if it makes you cry, if it makes you doubt something just allow it to flow upwards and let it out of your body. Send it somewhere else, ask it to go somewhere else, then imagine it doing so.

Next, get away from it. Go outside, go for a walk in nature, meditation, get your heart rate up, paint or color, anything that makes you feel happy. Stepping away from it will allow it to leave your worry behind. Keep letting it go by finding yourself and doing something nice for yourself.. Be gentle with yourself…

If you’d like a private reading simply email me at or message me on Facebook! Sending you lots of light and love today!

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Angelic Reiki Energy Healing Sale through Wednesday, 5.31.17

Angelic Reiki Session - General - Chakras

For those of you that I haven’t spoken with on Facebook, I wanted to let you know that I am running an AMAZING sale through Wednesday, 5/31/17 in honor of the energy healing work and the Angelic Reiki that I now do… I have my healing room in place, filled with Angelic Energy from using this healing technique every single day of my life – on myself, my daughter, and my clients…

I wanted to make another announcement on the offer… Normally, Angelic Reiki all on it’s own runs about $125.00 elsewhere… I am the ONLY person in Ohio or surrounding area that is trained and attuned to this technique! My energy sessions run around $75.00 a session right now…

I have been guided (and I have been doing this for the last 2 weeks) to run a MEGA-SALE on all Angelic Energy Healing Sessions! Most of the world needs healing of some sort, whether it is mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical… Old beliefs, things that are holding us back, old stories we need to let go of, Angelic Energy Healing can cover it all…

Over the past 2 weeks I have combined Angelic Reiki with my other form of Angelic Energy Healing, so it’s like getting both in one session and it has been making a HUGE impact…

So if you are interested in my sale price through tomorrow only (I will never run this large of a sale every again), just email me at or message me on Facebook: and I will get back to you immediately!

The rules of engagement on this sale are as follows:

General Angelic Reiki Energy Healing Session

  • Each session is an individual healing session that has been taking approximately 45 minutes or so, depending on the divine guidance and information I receive


  • You may purchase as many reduced price healing sessions as you would like but they all need to be completed by August 15th, 2017.  (A series of 3 or 4 would be the most beneficial)


  • All sessions may be done via the phone (US only), via skype (International Calls), or in-person (in my Healing Space in Wayne County, Ohio off of I-71)


  • You may add on an Intuitive Reading with these sessions, or simply wait to see what comes through for you… I have had some clients receive intuitive guidance while receiving their healing session, but a reading is not guaranteed or included in this session.


  • Through tomorrow at 3:00pm EST only, you may purchase as many sessions as you think will help you for $45.00 a piece

I have utilized these sessions with success in the following situations:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Self-Confidence
  3. Self-Belief
  4. Balance in making time for a spiritual practice
  5. Receiving – good, money, abundance in all forms
  6. Healing of a Spiritual/Health Coaching Business
  7. Clarity in life purpose/job focus
  8. Clearing of the Crown and Third Eye Chakra to help improve intuitive/spiritual skills
  9. Belief in self, worthiness, etc…
  10. Stopping doubt of one’s self
  11. Helping to heal poor eating habits
  12. Helping to get exercise back on track
  13. Helping to open up one’s ability to speak for themselves with kindness
  14. Helping with self-doubt
  15. Forgiveness of self and of others
  16. Finding faith and motivation rather than focusing on fear
  17. Clearing out the heart chakra to make more decisions based out of love
  18. Finding peace and calm in a crazy world
  19. Opening up the Solar Plexus chakra for more self-belief
  20. Healing perceptions on relationships with family and friends


Angelic Reiki Session - Past Life - Blue

Now, on to the sale for multi-dimensional past life healing Angelic Reiki Sessions… These can be used for anyone that feels they have some past life issues that need to be turned around, and honestly, even for those who don’t… I do A LOT of past life work, and it is something that I am really exceptional and connected with…

So if you have something that you’ve brought with you from a past life… Isolation from being a nun, cast aside by others, fear and humiliation from something that happened in the past, a fear of being in the ocean or water from drowning, a need to be loud and stand up for your beliefs that are hurting your relationships due to being in a war, being killed for spiritual practices that are creating a struggle in your life right now (authenticity), a lack of tolerance for certain types of people due to a past life, poor relationships with men due to something that happened to you in the past, whatever it may be… Angelic Reiki can help with all of that.. I have seen it happen with some of my clients and I have seen the miracle of watching it help on myself…

Past life work is really challenging on my physical body, but you receive a GREAT amount of healing from this service as well! Because of that, I offer the same type of service as explained up above. I would recommend 2 – 4 sessions for past life work as well…

Through tomorrow at 3:00pm EST, I am offering these sessions for $75.00 a piece instead of $125.00, so that’s a $50.00 savings… You can’t beat that and you’ll NEVER see that price again, that I will promise you! The rules of engagement on this sale are the same as listed up above!

Email me at or message me on Facebook at to make payment arrangements and get your first session scheduled!

The entire world needs healing, bit by bit, day by day. By focusing on your own personal growth, spiritual growth, and holistic healing, we lighten the load of the planet. We lighten the energy of those that surround us. By starting to heal ourselves, we may also help to heal the ones we love…


Light and Love,