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“Illusion” Spiritual Oracle Card – 6.17.17

Happy Saturday loves!

Here is our divine guidance and oracle card of the day… The card is “Illusion” and is guiding us to embrace the truth. When you see this card, what first comes to mind? That question will connect you to your intuition and it’s up to you to trust it, whether it makes sense or not! Have faith and trust!

Is there something you know, deep down inside, yet you are still fighting it and not letting it come to the surface? This card feels very “stuck’ right now and it is a dense, lower energy, so it’s definitely not one of my favorite feelings!

The guidance we have is to sit for a few moments and simply allow it to flow to the surface… If it’s painful, if it makes you cry, if it makes you doubt something just allow it to flow upwards and let it out of your body. Send it somewhere else, ask it to go somewhere else, then imagine it doing so.

Next, get away from it. Go outside, go for a walk in nature, meditation, get your heart rate up, paint or color, anything that makes you feel happy. Stepping away from it will allow it to leave your worry behind. Keep letting it go by finding yourself and doing something nice for yourself.. Be gentle with yourself…

If you’d like a private reading simply email me at or message me on Facebook! Sending you lots of light and love today!


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“Miracle” & “Cosmic Flower” Spiritual Oracle Card for Tuesday, 4.11.17

Good morning beautiful!

These are the 2 cards that came up for the energy of today. They are very uplifting during these very dense energies that are going on and they are much needed reminders for us to look to whomever we call God or Source…

The energies right now are shifting us here on Earth, sometimes taking us into unknown and very uncomfortable territories. It feels to me, as though it is a test in faith. How do we continue to move forward, knowing what is right in our heart, without ever seeing evidence of the finish line and what is going to happen? I don’t have an answer for that one yet, but I will definitely keep working on it! Now, on to the cards…

I pulled the “Miracle” card as first one ever from this deck, so I was happy to see it again… The frequency of the miracle supports our belief in ourselves as a part of God or Source, and helps to maintain our belief that absolutely anything is possible if you feel it in your heart space. So do your best, if you are struggling with something, to sit in stillness with it… Talk to your “higher self”… Ask what you need to know about the situation and wait to feel the answer in your body, or in your heart space (that’s where I feel my answers, at least)… If your chest tightens up and it doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t. If your heart feels open and expanded, that is a sign as well…

With the “Cosmic Flower” card, this states that it helps to activate our remembrance of the place that we call home, the source of what we are, made in the image and likeness of God. We need to connect with our spiritual core.  This correlates with the other card pulled as well. So the question is, when is the last time you disconnected from the outer world for a bit? Can you schedule some time for quiet or meditation? Start today, and do your best to make it a regular habit that will serve you well!

If you need any help, energy work, or a reading please feel free to reach out to me!!

Sending lots of light and love your way!

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“Memories” Spiritual Oracle Card for Wednesday, 3.8.17

Good morning #beautiful!

Here is our #angelcard #oraclecard #tarotcard for our #dailyreading!

You’re loved ones that have crossed over are stepping forward today to let you know they are here with both you and me… It’s amazing how the Universe works… I woke up in such an upbeat and happy mood, even though we’ve had a struggling week…

But when we are at a higher vibration (helping to get that way with happy thoughts) we can more easily connect with loved ones that have passed over. When your #heart is open, it’s easier to sense and/or feel them… As soon as I pulled this card I could feel my grandfather’s energy step forward and sit with me as I was taking the information in. Today, for example, I am open to forgiveness for him and what he did to my family in this lifetime, however, every day is not like that and he is aware of it… But today, my heart was open so he could step forward and shower me with love and understanding.

For you, notice ANY signs from them.. a pretty #bird hanging outside your window and chirping away at you, a sudden #memory that comes across your mind, a #song that fills you up with them, a smell that is a reminder, a random #feather showing up in your reality… Whatever means something to you!


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“Angel of Healing” Spiritual Intuitive Oracle Card for Monday, 2.27.17

Good morning beautiful soul!

This is the first oracle card I’ve pulled since my Group Crystal Healing for the New Moon energy over the weekend and I think it’s perfect!

The last several months (or year) has felt very muddled, confusing,  lacking clarity and direction. However, this energy is coming to an end… We have the Angel of Healing supporting us today in the goals for our life, our business, our family, and anything else that we need.

My guidance is to focus on opening and clearing the heart chakra and the solar plexus. Also take some time to meditate, explore your creativity, and find your joy… Manifestation is at an all time high right now, so be clear in your intentions and have faith in the process! We are all being supported right now!

If you need help with energy work or would like a private reading please feel free to reach out to me at!




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February Spiritual Energy Reading!

Good morning beautiful souls!

Yesterday I posted my video oracle card reading for February! Please feel free to check it out below! February is all about forgiveness and having or finding our faith again! Let’s be kind to ourselves and go with the flow… Keep up the work you’ve been doing, it’s working!


If you’d like to schedule a private email reading please just reach out to me!! I have several spots open for tomorrow, 2/9/17, and I’m running a special for the first 5 people that check in with me!

Sending you lots of light and love today!



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“Positive Expectations” Oracle Card for 1.4.2017!!

Happy #January #beautiful #souls!

I pulled 2 #oraclecards for today & they fit together #magically!

The #energy for today shows that whatever we’ve been working on or towards is in process. Even though it is taking longer than expected, #letgoletgod, give your #worries to Him and have #faith.

Don’t forget, we were in a holding pattern in 2016, and the energy is shifting but it still needs some more time (considering it’s only January 4th!) Everything that is happening has a purpose and it has a lesson… If you feel frustrated, feel free to write yourself a note then you can burn it as an indicator that you are releasing it and giving it up to a higher power….

The other card is just a reminder to keep your #positive #expectations, and take one step at a time. It is all fine!! If all you can do is spend 30 minutes a day working towards your goal, then that is enough! Divine timing is in play here, but you won’t be disappointed…

If you’d like a private #psychic reading just email me at or simply go to my Etsy store at

I’m running a #sale through later today since it’s my “official” first day back to work!

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