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“Illusion” Spiritual Oracle Card – 6.17.17

Happy Saturday loves!

Here is our divine guidance and oracle card of the day… The card is “Illusion” and is guiding us to embrace the truth. When you see this card, what first comes to mind? That question will connect you to your intuition and it’s up to you to trust it, whether it makes sense or not! Have faith and trust!

Is there something you know, deep down inside, yet you are still fighting it and not letting it come to the surface? This card feels very “stuck’ right now and it is a dense, lower energy, so it’s definitely not one of my favorite feelings!

The guidance we have is to sit for a few moments and simply allow it to flow to the surface… If it’s painful, if it makes you cry, if it makes you doubt something just allow it to flow upwards and let it out of your body. Send it somewhere else, ask it to go somewhere else, then imagine it doing so.

Next, get away from it. Go outside, go for a walk in nature, meditation, get your heart rate up, paint or color, anything that makes you feel happy. Stepping away from it will allow it to leave your worry behind. Keep letting it go by finding yourself and doing something nice for yourself.. Be gentle with yourself…

If you’d like a private reading simply email me at or message me on Facebook! Sending you lots of light and love today!


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Oracle Cards for Divine Spiritual Guidance on Friday, 5.26.17

TGIF loves!

Like I may have mentioned, I’m doing all of my Angel Work from my newest healing space and the energy has become so amazing! I pulled from a variety of decks today, and here’s what we have…

1.) With the New Moon energy coming into play for a lot of people, it is said that we need to acknowledge our feelings of sensitivity.. Perhaps spend some time alone. Perform some much needed self-care… Yoga, sea salt baths, fresh fruits and veggies, energy healing (angelic reiki, preferably), massage, meditation, walking in nature, you know what I mean… Be patient and compassionate with others that may not realize what is happening at their level of awareness… It will all be okay, just treat yourself like you would your best friend. Or your daughter or son… Be kind and gentle with yourself. Take it easy…

2.) It was also stated that it could do you good by hanging out by bodies of water if you are able… If not, again, hop in a sea salt bath… That will help to clear any negative energies from your body… Lastly, if you’re in yucky rainy weather like I am, I would find some nature sounds of water to play during the day today… (I have a great free app that I use called “Nature Sounds -by Relaxio-” that I have playing on my phone as I am writing… Even if some of us can’t be near the water, the sound of water will help us to shift our vibration and stay in a calm and relaxed state!

3.) The Archangel Uriel card popped in today as well… He states that we know what we need to do… This one isn’t resonating with me personally, but perhaps it will with you! If you get the feeling that you do know what you need to do, just take one tiny step in that direction, as often as you can…

I’m going to do an Angelic Reiki healing session for myself in just a bit, so I’ll call on Uriel to give me some guidance… I have a lot of things up in the air, and honestly, I just don’t know what to do… Perhaps the energy today will help!

I’ve been doing a lot of Angelic Reiki distance sessions, so if you feel it would benefit you, please reach out!

Light and Love!



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“Memories” Spiritual Oracle Card for Wednesday, 3.8.17

Good morning #beautiful!

Here is our #angelcard #oraclecard #tarotcard for our #dailyreading!

You’re loved ones that have crossed over are stepping forward today to let you know they are here with both you and me… It’s amazing how the Universe works… I woke up in such an upbeat and happy mood, even though we’ve had a struggling week…

But when we are at a higher vibration (helping to get that way with happy thoughts) we can more easily connect with loved ones that have passed over. When your #heart is open, it’s easier to sense and/or feel them… As soon as I pulled this card I could feel my grandfather’s energy step forward and sit with me as I was taking the information in. Today, for example, I am open to forgiveness for him and what he did to my family in this lifetime, however, every day is not like that and he is aware of it… But today, my heart was open so he could step forward and shower me with love and understanding.

For you, notice ANY signs from them.. a pretty #bird hanging outside your window and chirping away at you, a sudden #memory that comes across your mind, a #song that fills you up with them, a smell that is a reminder, a random #feather showing up in your reality… Whatever means something to you!


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“Angel of Healing” Spiritual Oracle Card Reading for Tuesday, 3.7.17

Here is our #dailyreading #oraclecard for today! I’ve seen this card often over the last several weeks!

The #angel of #healing is with us again today for #support.

If you are dealing with sickness, she can come to help and call on #archangel #raphael to help. My daughter has the flu this week, so we’ve been calling on angels often to help her recover sooner rather than later. But don’t get this confused with lack of action…. Because we are also fueling up her body with as many fruits and vegetables as possible, and resting for the last 2 days!

If you are feeling #frustrated or #defeated, she is here to help. How would it feel to let go of the end result that you are seeking, #letgo, and have #faith? Let that #feeling sink in? Let it open up your #heart space, fill you up with #warmth and #freedom

This angel of healing is also bringing in energy work as a solution to whatever may be plaguing you at this very moment. My schedule has been packed, helping people with the mind/body/soul… It all starts from the inside out!

If you need help, please reach out!

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New Moon Crystal Healing Session – via Facebook!

TGIF loves!

I feel like I’ve been missing in action over the last several weeks or so, trying to keep up with new clients and some classes I’ve been taking! For that, I do apologize.

I do want to let you know that I am hosting a Group Crystal Healing Session to go along with the energy of the new moon in case you would like to join me! It’s on my facebook page:

I’ll also pop my video in here of what’s going to happen during the session! You don’t need to be present to it! All you need to do is say that you are attending, then I’ll post instructions for you in the group of how to take in the new energy!

New Moon Crystal Healing Overview

Otherwise, I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Sending you lots of light and love!

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“Eight of Gabriel” Psychic Spiritual Archangel Tarot Card for 1.18.17

Happy Wednesday!

The #dailyreading with the #archangel #tarotcards is the 8 of #Gabriel

If you’ve been in a holding pattern like many of us, today is the day to focus on activity to move your #dreams forward… I know a lack of motivation can be hard, especially when putting forth so much effort to see little results, but I promise you, your angels are working behind the scenes to help you create your highest good… But also keep in mind, that it may not be what you have in plan, so be open to changes or other opportunities opening up for you… (If it helps, release all attachment to the outcome to make this easier for you…) #letgo, #letGod…

If you’ve been wanting to get out there, do it… Believe in your dreams, follow your #divineguidance and hits of #intuition moving you forward…

Know that there is never any mistake. You can’t choose the wrong thing when choosing with your #heart… Everything that happens will either be a learning opportunity or a way to move your #soul further ahead in this lifetime.. The ascension is very real, and we are going to be stepping out of our comfort zones to find our true path…

It is all working out for your #highestgood. #lightworker #doreenvirtue #angels #angelcard #intuitivecounselor

If you’d like to work with me in regards to a Distance Energy Healing, an Intuitive Reading, or a one-on-one coaching call feel free to email me at! Sending you much love and light on this blessed day!